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Hiking, Biking, and Horse Back Riding

There are a variety of trails around the lake. Many are well used, although there are differences in the amount of traffic any of them experience. The busier trails can be quite busy or, depending on the day and time of the year, you may find very few other folks while you are out exploring. The DORBA mixed use (bike and hike) trail in Cedar Hill State Park is one of the busy trails, as is the trail that skirts along the north end of the lake. That path runs along the top of the impoundment that was built to create Joe Pool Lake and is a favorite place to hold running races and also for runners to get together and train. If you are thinking about just going for a casual walk, want to find a decent mountain biking trail, or are looking for a cool place to get in a multi-mile run - you will be able to find what you need at Joe Pool Lake.

The Northside Impoundment trail

Please note - Access to the dam has been closed by the Army Corps of Engineers until further notice. It is not possible to walk, run or bike on this trail! This trail is a relatively wide gravel road that is located along the top of the extended berm that was built to form the lake. There are two ways to access this trail.
1. Mansfield Road and Lake Ridge Parkway, near the Lynn Creek Marina and the entrance to Lynn Creek Park. There are a few side of the road parking spaces there but I don't know if they are legal (just before the gate across Mansfield road, which is just east of the intersection of these two roads). You could park in Lynn Creek Park or near the marina if there is not a specific place closer to the gate. 2. The other access is off of FM 1382. There is an overlook with a small parking area, which is a pull off on FM 1382 between Camp Wisdom Road and the entrance to Cedar Hill State Park.

You can bike or walk/run on this path. It is 3 miles long, making an end to end round trip a 6 mile jaunt. Dogs are allowed on the path as long as they are on a leash. If you are walking from the Lynn Creek side of things, the path is inclined leading up the top of the dam. It then levels out and is a flat cement road across the dam structure.

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Loyd Park Trail

There is a hiking, biking and horse back riding trail in this park. [Please note: the horseback riding trails are currently closed due to flooding.] The trail begins in the western part of the park, at the end of the main park road. Here you can find a restroom, parking area and a ramp to unload your horses. There is a small sign that says Walnut Creek Trail marking the beginning of the path. The trail meanders along just a little removed from the shoreline at some points. You find little spur trails that lead to the water. Often fisherman use these spots so while the trail may be empty there may be others around.

There are less well developed shorter walking trails along the shoreline in other parts of the park too. You can find out more about the park's trails by calling the Loyd Park information number at 817-467-2104.

DORBA Mountain Biking Trail

This is an excellent and interesting trail. It can be used to go for a few mile, a bit more than 5 mile, or more than a 10 mile ride. This is accomplished by having one large loop trail that are connected via two looping connections. It is a shared used hike and bike trail, so you do need to pay attention to what is up ahead whenever you are on this trail. It is located in Cedar Hill State Park which means you will need to pay a fee to access the trail. Whenever the trail is muddy it is closed. This helps to avoid erosion and protect the trail. You can call the park to check on the status of the trail: 972-291-3900.

Cedar Hill Hiking / Walking Trails

Besides the DORBA trail, there are also other hiking and walking trails found in this park. They are quite nice and there is quite a bit of variation in their length and ease of walking. You can find out more about these trails at the Cedar Hill Hiking page.

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