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This website is not affiliated with any of the agencies that run the facilities discussed on this website. If you have questions about facility rentals, park hours, etc. you should call the respective park offices or the facility. Contact information and/or links to various management agency websites are found throughout this site.

I created this website to try and bring together some useful information about Joe Pool Lake and its parks. I do work at trying to keep all the information on these pages accurate and up to date but the managers of the facilities discussed here are free to change their hours, fees, etc. whenever they like. If you find any incorrect information on this website - I do apologize. Please send me an email so I can correct whatever is wrong and not lead anyone else astray!

I believe it is important to spend time outdoors. It helps give us a better perspective and provides us with an opportunity to either get some exercise or to simply relax. My main objective in putting this website together was to make it easier for you to plan an outing that includes spending some time outside. If I have succeeded than we are both happier.

If you would like to write to me about this website (I will not answer questions that are better addressed to the park managers; see above) you can reach me at:

I can't promise that I will reply to every message I receive but I will read, and take into consideration, any comments that you send. I really like to hear from folks in regards to the website or the park so if you thinking of writing - please do!

Do you have a blog entry that I could link to about your adventures in and around Joe Pool Lake?

Please send me an email (see above) with the web address of your blog blog post. Please don't be upset if I don't get around to linking it right away or if I don't list it at all. It is my site and I do get to be the (perhaps quirky and sometimes slow) editor! I would also really appreciate it if you include a link to my website in your blog post. I'm not saying it would influence my decision to link to your blog.....but you never know.

The layout of this website is based on a free webpage template designed by Viktor Persson. His website: Arcsin.


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